Comprehensive Guide to Perfect Wedding Photography

Comprehensive Guide to Perfect Wedding Photography

By Sujan Studio - 22 January 2024

After all, many years down the road, your professional wedding photos will serve as the resounding memento of your blissful day.

As we guide you through the "must-have" wedding photo ideas, you'll find that our focus is not just on taking pictures but on telling your unique love story.

The Countdown to Perfection:

So, you've set the date, chosen your venue, and now the excitement builds. How do you ensure that your wedding photos are nothing short of magical? The answer lies in a little extra organization and preparation with your Sujan Studio photographer. Let's delve into the essential aspects of wedding photoshoot planning.

  • Communication is Key:

Start by communicating your preferences. Are you camera-confident and outgoing, or do you prefer a more natural, organic feel to your photos? Discuss these aspects with your Sujan Studio photographer to create a personalized approach that suits your style.

  • What Do You Want to Remember?

Your wedding album should reflect the priorities and special moments of your day. Don't hesitate to share personal details or insecurities with your photographer. At Sujan Studio, we believe that understanding your unique story is the key to capturing those unforgettable candid moments.

  • Getting Ready with the Bridal Party:

The morning of your wedding is a whirlwind of emotions and excitement. Make sure to capture these precious moments with your 'bride tribe.'

  • Hair and Makeup Essentials:

Pause amidst the makeup session to capture candid moments with your bridesmaids. Our photographers ensure that you are the focal point, surrounded by the love and support of your bridal party.

  • Coordinating Robes:

Create a mood of celebration with coordinated robes. Sujan Studio captures these moments with crinkle-free perfection, ensuring a flawless shot.

  • Presents for Presence:

Your bridesmaids have been with you through it all. Capture the reactions as you present them with heartfelt thank-you gifts. Our up-close and personal shots make these moments unforgettable.

  • Hanging Dress:

Showcase your dress in a light-filled space. Sujan Studio utilizes doorways and archways to your advantage, capturing the elegance of your gown.

  • Admiring 'The Dress':

Before you slip into your gown, take a moment to admire its details. Our photographers specialize in capturing the delicate intricacies that make your dress unique.

  • Getting Into the Gown:

Capture the intimate moment as your mother helps you into your dress. Sujan Studio cherishes these mother-daughter moments, capturing the love and tears.

  • Finishing Touches:

Let your bridesmaids assist with the final touches. Sujan Studio utilizes these moments to highlight the finer details of your ensemble, creating lasting memories.

  • Mirror Shot:

Revel in the romance of a mirror shot, either alone or with your bridesmaids by your side. Sujan Studio photographers masterfully capture the beauty of these reflective moments.

Accessories – It's All in the Details:

  • The Rings:

Choose to highlight the rings individually or craft a flat lay with rings, shoes, and bouquet. Our photographers ensure that every detail shines.

  • Perfume:

Capture a reminder of the scent linked to memory. Sujan Studio immortalizes the fragrance you chose for your walk down the aisle.

  • Shoes:

Give your shoes their moment in the spotlight. Our hero shots showcase the beauty of your shoes, whether standing alone or with bridesmaids assisting.

  • Poses for Your Posies:

Opt for breathtaking photos of arranged flowers, either pre-ceremony or during wedding party photos. Sujan Studio's attention to detail ensures that every floral arrangement is a work of art.

  • It's the Little Things:

Amid the joy of getting ready, don't forget the bespoke aspects of your wedding set. Sujan Studio captures these unique details, creating a comprehensive story of your day.

Couple Poses:

wedding pose-locked armswedding pose-magazine posewedding pose- romance stare

wedding pose- bride side pose

Bridal Portraits:

Some brides feel at home in front of the camera, while others find it a bit daunting. With Sujan Studio, you're equipped with a set list for your bridal portraits to ensure you feel prepared and relaxed.

  • The Veil Shot: Capture shots with and without your veil to immortalise its flowing glory. Sujan Studio ensures every detail is showcased.
  • The Train Shot: Showcase your flowing train in captivating bridal portraits. Our photographers use varying levels to create a sense of grandeur.
  • The Piece De' Resistance Dress Shot: Pay homage to the design element that took your breath away. Sujan Studio captures the intricate details that make your dress unique.
  • The Back of the Dress: Exude sophistication with over-the-shoulder glances. Sujan Studio ensures every angle of your ensemble is celebrated.
  • The Fun and Playful Shot: Enjoy playful moments – twirl in your dress, dance, and strike poses. Sujan Studio captures these candid, joyful moments authentically.
  • Strike a Pose: Transition to formalised bridal portraits with Sujan Studio. Our photographers explore different angles to showcase the beauty of your ensemble.
  • Holding the Bouquet: Relax your arms and hold your bouquet for one last shot before walking down the aisle. Sujan Studio captures the grace and elegance of this pose.
  • Model Pose: Channel your inner model for a shot that's magazine cover-worthy. Sujan Studio ensures you shine in every pose.

Groom's Preparation:

While the bridal party gets ready, the groom and his party are working on looking extra dapper. Sujan Studio captures the morning spent with mates before the ceremony.

  • Just Chilling: Capture candid, relaxed moments with the groom's party. Sujan Studio immortalizes the special camaraderie that unfolds during these moments.
  • Textbook Accessories Shot: Give the groom's suit and accessories their own moment. Sujan Studio captures the details that define the groom's look.
  • Getting Suited Up: Coordinate shots of the groom and groomsmen suiting up and tying their ties. Our photographers ensure the elegance of this process is preserved.
  • Capture the Cufflinks: Take close-ups of the groom fitting his cufflinks, especially if they are customised. Sujan Studio captures the personal touches that make your day unique.
  • Boutonnieres: Snap a picture-perfect shot of the boutonnieres before the festivities begin. Sujan Studio captures the details that complete the groom's look.